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It should be said that Aidan Bride was a good King, a fair-minded man who ruled the Kingdom of Brigden from the palace at Cair Llannerch.

Many years before Bride’s time, the great Kingdoms of Tyran and Brigden fought what would become known as the Unspeakable Wars. These two wars annihilated many thousands of soldiers from three armies and almost destroyed one of the world’s most powerful societies. Saldra was an exotic Empire looking to make claims in the North, and thus the Saldric army launched a campaign against Tyran. Long-renowned as a center of intellectual learning, Tyran was no match for the weight of the Saldric army and employed the help of Brigden’s own powerful army.

But the strength of Brigden and the wit of Tyran were no match for the Saldric. Tyran’s royal family of Woodrose was overthrown by the Saldric monarchy after the first Unspeakable War and a new government was instated. Members of the Woodrose family had to choose between imprisonment and death, but a few managed to escape to the countryside. In the countryside they worked alongside Tyranese revolutionaries hoping to reinstate the old government, for the Woodroses were fair rulers and allowed the people to vote which heir would become their next King or Queen.

The Tyranese revolutionaries worked alongside the Brigdans, building their armies in secret and organizing an attack on Saldric oppression. Finally, seventeen years after the first Unspeakable War, Brigden declared war on the Saldric government of Tyran and launched the second Unspeakable War.

It was even more bloody than the first, but heroes like Tyran’s Prince Lyle Woodrose and Brigden’s Madailéin Baldwin ensured an unlikely victory over the Saldric forces. The wars created a strong alliance between the two nations. Tyranese monarchs often chose Brigdan spouses, and vice versa. The two nations stood together as a marriage of powers, and this alliance continued well into Aidan Bride’s rule of Brigdan.

Aidan Bride (née Foster) was a servant to the Tyranese royal court under King Lyle VII and his wife Rachel. When he was a boy about sixteen the Brigdan Princess Ríonach Bride came to Tyran on a tour, as was the custom. Both her parents and the Woodroses hoped that she would marry the Prince Robert, who met her on his tour of Brigden and fell very much in love. But Ríonach did not love Prince Robert, and politely declined to marry him. Although bitterly disappointed, Robert took her rejection with grace.

Ríonach came to love the quiet servant boy, Aidan Foster, who worked in the library. He was very polite and tender, wooing her gently with poetry. Never too bold to offend the Princess but daring enough to seduce her, Ríonach admired Aidan’s gentle nature and thought that he would make a very good husband and King of Brigden. Prince Robert, having always been fond of Aidan, put his personal convictions and tender heart aside to support the match. Spouses were chosen from nobility without question, and Ríonach’s decision was rash. With the support of the future King Robert of Tyran, the future Queen of Brigden was permitted to marry the servant boy.

That is, without question, how Aidan Foster became King Aidan Bride of Brigden.

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