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Grey Manticore (Stanzas 1-3)

She watched a Lion cross the clearing,
and her eyes sparkled, tearing;
her heartbeat raced,
she breathed in eager gasps
and clasped her hand upon her breast,
then exclaimed "My love shall never rest! - 
Not until that Lion fine
is only mine for all of time!"

She danced with heavy breaths,
and felt a thousand little deaths.
Her cheeks glowed,
and her spine tingled, as
thoughts mingled in her mind.
Never was a second love so kind! - 
To renew this Lady's worldly hope,
when love before choked her with its deadly rope.

Then a Lion's roar did swell,
across the Heavens into Hell.
A kingly shriek it 'twas.
The Lady heard his passion-cry,
but why must she follow
that Lion into endless sorrow?
With a love a-burning ever bright,
into the deep and lawless night.