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O'er there a lonesome Chimera fly
Across the infinity of sky
And the Sea;
Wash his bloodied wings
In the ocean tide,
From feast of daughter
Of the fir-tree King.

Evil-eyed mythic thief He be,
Who circles Eastern skies
And celebrates pale-faced peasant cries.
O lock the maidens in the shed
For the favorites of His they be!

But one Lady fair, she brandished sword
To plunge into His breast;
And howled he did when the pain set in
And She laid him down to rest.
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I had such a horrible October that I'm writing two novels simultaneously this month for Nanowrimo.  If the workload becomes too heavy then I'll stop writing one of them, but I plan to finish for the second year in a row.  I'm doing extremely well in my classes and I need the distraction.  It'll be good for me, and good for my writing in general.  Today I've written 1,724 words for Dark Side and 576 for February Blue.  And it's barely past noon. :)

Happy November!

Still Dead

Sep. 1st, 2012 05:21 pm
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March 13, 2010 - "Still Dead" (Faye)

Rather than begin the story, I will end it.

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She watched a Lion cross the clearing,
and her eyes sparkled, tearing;
her heartbeat raced,
she breathed in eager gasps
and clasped her hand upon her breast,
then exclaimed "My love shall never rest! - 
Not until that Lion fine
is only mine for all of time!"

She danced with heavy breaths,
and felt a thousand little deaths.
Her cheeks glowed,
and her spine tingled, as
thoughts mingled in her mind.
Never was a second love so kind! - 
To renew this Lady's worldly hope,
when love before choked her with its deadly rope.

Then a Lion's roar did swell,
across the Heavens into Hell.
A kingly shriek it 'twas.
The Lady heard his passion-cry,
but why must she follow
that Lion into endless sorrow?
With a love a-burning ever bright,
into the deep and lawless night.
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A short piece of fiction, revised from August 2009, that summarizes the end of my novel Dark Side of the Moon. Travis Casey found his ex-girlfriend, Amy Walsh. Her and Blake Hughes, her fiance, give Travis a place to stay. Travis and Amy rekindle their love, and tensions mount between Blake and Travis until a breaking point is reached.

Profanity, sexual references, death, and domestic abuse.

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Nov. 20th, 2011 11:15 am
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I'm really proud of myself right now.  Currently, I've written 32,268 words for my NaNoWriMo novel, The Ballet.  Since freshman year, writing has been difficult for me.  In September 2008, I wrote maybe 30 pages worth of material for Prologue, the prequel to Dark Side of the Moon.  Back then it was known as Our Blood.  After I finished those 30 pages, I deleted them and completely changed the story.  I beat my creativity into submission and barely managed to string words together, but whatever managed to get past my self-critical filter was gorgeous work.

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Sep. 24th, 2011 08:48 pm
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Drawing is good for my soul.

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Edith had never performed anything in her life, but she would rather make a fool of herself than remain at her old station.  Sitting outside in the shadow of the Star Theatre, Edith shivered slightly.  The winter was biting and her layers weren't much against the cold.

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