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O'er there a lonesome Chimera fly
Across the infinity of sky
And the Sea;
Wash his bloodied wings
In the ocean tide,
From feast of daughter
Of the fir-tree King.

Evil-eyed mythic thief He be,
Who circles Eastern skies
And celebrates pale-faced peasant cries.
O lock the maidens in the shed
For the favorites of His they be!

But one Lady fair, she brandished sword
To plunge into His breast;
And howled he did when the pain set in
And She laid him down to rest.
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She watched a Lion cross the clearing,
and her eyes sparkled, tearing;
her heartbeat raced,
she breathed in eager gasps
and clasped her hand upon her breast,
then exclaimed "My love shall never rest! - 
Not until that Lion fine
is only mine for all of time!"

She danced with heavy breaths,
and felt a thousand little deaths.
Her cheeks glowed,
and her spine tingled, as
thoughts mingled in her mind.
Never was a second love so kind! - 
To renew this Lady's worldly hope,
when love before choked her with its deadly rope.

Then a Lion's roar did swell,
across the Heavens into Hell.
A kingly shriek it 'twas.
The Lady heard his passion-cry,
but why must she follow
that Lion into endless sorrow?
With a love a-burning ever bright,
into the deep and lawless night.
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Imagine love to be the war,
And I would be the manticore
With thirsty stares and ringing shrieks,
And you shall play that one.

Come now, sweet love, and take a bite;
Rest assured, the apple's right.
It's you I seek to keep
But from my fingertips you bleed,

And you cannot be won.
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Sever my soul
oh wretched Manticore!
With eyes human
and paws swift;
in all lore – that
Trumpeting roar!

I gave my heart to
that winged Beast;
which He gladly tore to shreds,
and left me lying on the floor
in broken shards of glass.

With monster’s claws
poised to rip and to tear,
gone is the Venetian lion
who flew my heart to Heaven’s height.

Left now is a nightmare
from which I cannot wake;
and left now is a Heart
that cannot help but break.

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